Napton Narrowboats


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John Craven aboard Alexandra On 29th June 2007, that doyen of British Broadcasting, John Craven, along with his film crew for the BBC program Countryfile took our boat Alexandra down Napton Locks, ably assisted and instructed by our very own Scouse, the manager of our hire fleet

Manager Scouse with John CravenBroadcast on the 1st July 2007, John Craven learnt how to take a boat through the narrow locks of the Napton Flight, with Scouse giving clear instructions on how to do so safely, a service provided to all our customers (though not always by Scouse! - We have other staff too to ensure everyone gets the personal treatment necessary to get their holiday off to a good start)

John Craven's visit was first was first broadcast on the 1st July 2007 edition of Countryfile